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  • Active Federal Permits: 320
  • Active Boats for Sale: 25
  • Active Fishing Gear: 13
  • Active Permits Wanted: 160
  • Pending Listings: 0
  • Todays Listings: 0

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Discover the leading free listing platform for buying and selling Federally Regulated Fishing Permits at Southbeachfishing.com. We only Specialize in the commercial fishing industry and offer a secure marketplace for buyers and sellers to list Federal Fishing Permits, Commercial Fishing vessels, Commercial Fishing Tackle, and particularly hard to find marine parts.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our expertise in facilitating the buying and selling of Federally Regulated Commercial Fishing Permits is unmatched. These permits are rarely traded, creating an often-unclear market value. Our goal is to offer guidance and education to both buyers and sellers to help establish a fair market price, ensuring a safe and satisfactory transaction for all involved.

Southbeachfishing.com offers additional services including ensuring that permit logbooks are current and that the permit itself is transferable to the intended vessel. These permits come with specific restrictions including max horsepower, overall vessel length, and weight limits which must be compatible with your boat. Also, permits with out-of-date trip tickets, set forms, and logbooks (if required) are not transferable to the buyer until the logbooks office has everything they request, so there are several critical aspects to be verified before finalizing your sale. You want to make sure everything is done right the first time because it can take a long time for them to get back to you if things are not done properly the first time. Benefit from our experienced team's guidance to ensure a safe and secure transaction, protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers. We've encountered numerous instances where uninformed buyers ended up with non-refundable permits, they could not use due to these permit restrictions they were simply unaware of. Our experienced team ensures such situations are avoided.

Drop us a text with a short description about your potential transaction at 954-513-7224 and we will promptly call you back to discuss with you. .

Southbeachfishing.com \ Sellfishingpermits.com - The #1 website for over 12 years for safely buying and selling Federally Regulated Fishing Permits and Commercial Fishing Vessels.


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